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The Veg Table - By Erin Baker

Vegetarian and vegan recipes inspired by
tables around the world.

The Veg Table is finally here!

The Veg Table is a collection of recipes taught and cooked for thousands of people every year. The recipes are 100% people tried and tested.

They’ve got the thumbs up in classes, parties, supper clubs and catered events. Fresh, full of flavour, and inspired by regional cuisine, they showcase a range of cookery techniques and a variety of ways to make meat free meals tempting and indulgent.

Erin's Recipes

Roasted tomato salsa

When tomatoes are out of season and you must have salsa, try this one instead of a fresh salsa. The roasted tomatoes will have more flavour and a better texture. This recipe is delicious but even better when tomatoes are in season. If you love Mexican food as much as...

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Za’atar flatbread

Flatbreads play an important role in a mezze, helping you mop it all up! This recipe is a basic pitta recipe that I have added a za'atar and olive oil topping to. Top tip for baking any yeasted bread product: use strong flour and do not mix the salt with the yeast...

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Roasted plums with honey and thyme

Imagine hillsides full of wild thyme, local honey and fresh summer plums. This pudding is a gorgeous blend of fragrant herbs, tart plums and sweet syrup. It’s simple to make, but will impress at any dinner party or get together. For a vegan version substitute the...

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Bruschetta is another simple classic, but when done right - it's just perfect. Sweet, fresh tomatoes, fragrant basil and garlic-kissed toasted bread. Squeezing the halved tomatoes makes the mixture far less watery.   If you like this Bruschetta you may also like these...

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Stuffed tomatoes and peppers

Stuffed tomatoes and peppers takes me back to hot summer days in Greece traveling with my friend Sage. We had long suppers in the cool of the evening, sipping wine and enjoying the complex flavours of good ingredients cooked well, uncomplicated and unpretentious. I...

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Greek green beans with tomatoes

My mom grew green beans (any variety of French beans) every summer and I was made to pick them on a regular basis. Back then I hated it as I would have much rather been playing with my friends. Now, I have my own allotment and always grow green beans. This recipe is a...

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Vegetarian Paella

Vegetarian Paella is such an attractive dish with the saffron kissed rice, fresh herbs, lemon slices and green olives. This vegetarian version is even more colourful with peppers, green beans and peas. The two key ingredients are Valencia or paella rice for the...

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Pulled jackfruit tacos

Jackfruit is by no means Mexican, however it is a great replacement for carnitas, pulled pork, which is very popular in Mexico. Pulled jackfruit tacos are my take on the classic Mexican taco. Hope you like it. Pulled Jackfruit Tacos For the spice blend2 tsp ground...

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Acaraje with salada fresca

Acaraje is traditionally encountered in Brazil's north eastern state of Bahia. These falafel type discs are made from black-eyed beans that are soaked, rubbed to remove the skins, then fried. Once the balls are cooked, they are then sliced and filled. This vegetarian...

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Saag aloo

Spinach is one of the most versatile vegetables and it takes centre stage in this recipe. No, 400 grams of spinach is not a typo; it wilts down to almost nothing, but leaves you with a dish full of greens. It’s often looked at as a side, but there’s no reason why it...

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Gobi – cauliflower curry

Cauliflower is a very underrated vegetable - this curry lets it shine. Cauliflower doesn’t have a strong taste, allowing it to absorb the flavours of the sauce and when cooked correctly has a great texture. An important part of cooking a curry is letting your onions...

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Chickpeas and spinach with chermoula

Chickpeas and spinach are two of the most universally liked ingredients. Paired together with chermoula, a marinade made from garlic, herbs and lemon, then finished with creamy yoghurt, this dish delivers. To ensure the yoghurt does not curdle, before stirring it in,...

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