Indulgence Hamper


Apple spice granola – gently sweetened with maple syrup and apple juice, packed with nuts, seeds and sultanas (gf)
Beetroot and apple chutney – a staple in the Baker household every Christmas
Carrot habanero ketchup – not too hot, just the right amount of habanero for a delicious citrusy heat
Lemon and rosemary sea salt flakes – Maldon flakes flavoured with lemon zest, garlic and rosemary
Sesame tahini oatcakes –  rich savoury oatcakes, perfect for a cheese board (gf)
Mulled wine sachet – spice bombs wrapped in muslin to make mulled wine or apple juice
Nut jammer squares – a family recipe of raspberry jam and walnuts between rich flaky pastry (gf option available)
Chocolate dipped macaroons – fluffy maple syrup sweetened coconut macaroons dipped in chocolate (gf)
Selection of hand made vegan truffles – white and dark hand made chocolate truffles
Christmas kraut – fermented red cabbage and apple with orange and Christmas spice
Fermented cashew cheese – 150g of Erin’s mature style fermented cashew cheese.
The kraut and cheese will need to be refrigerated until eaten.

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