The Veg Table Cookbook

The Veg Table


Vegetarian and vegan recipes inspired by tables around the world

By Erin Baker

The Veg Table is a collection of recipes taught and cooked for thousands of people every year. The recipes are 100% people tried and tested. They’ve got the thumbs up in classes, parties, supper clubs and catered events.

Fresh, full of flavour, and inspired by regional cuisine, they showcase a range of cookery techniques and a variety of ways to make meat free meals tempting and indulgent.

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Vegetarian and Vegan Recipes Inspired by Tables Around the World

The Veg Table is my very first published cookbook; a collection of vegetarian and vegan recipes, inspired by my travels around the world.

You’ll discover deliciously fresh and nutritionally-balanced meals from the Mediterranean, Morocco, India, Mexico, Thailand, and the Middle East, plus some world street food recipe favourites of mine I could not resist including. Each and every recipe has been tried and tested by the thousands of people that attend my classes, parties, supper clubs and catered events every year.

I’m constantly inspired by the veg I grow in my allotment, so you’ll find hearty, seasonal ingredients and whole foods in every recipe. Most recipes can be adapted to be vegan, gluten or sugar-free. The Veg Table Cookbook is full of handy culinary tips and tricks, showcasing a range of cookery techniques I have honed over my 20+ years of being a chef.

The recipes in The Veg Table are designed for sharing. Fill your table with your loved ones and share the joy of delicious, wholesome food. Fresh, full of flavour, and inspired by regional cuisine, they add a variety of ways to make meat-free meals tempting and indulgent.

What People Are Saying About The Veg Table:

In short – delicious, easy to make recipes that you’ll become staples for your everyday eating.”

Gemma Taylor

Featured Recipes from The Veg Table

Bánh xèo

Bánh xèo

The first time I had these beauties was on a trip to a Vietnamese friend’s parent’s house while at university. Six starving students tumbled out of a car to greet a very happy mum that had made a...

Raspberry ripple cheesecake

Raspberry ripple cheesecake

I love making this raspberry ripple cheesecake – it's as beautiful to look at as it is to eat! It's also completely dairy free, utilising the creaminess of cashews and coconut yoghurt, in place of...

Lemon and cashew rice

Lemon and cashew rice

For a thali, rice that has a bit of fanciness added to it is always welcome, that's how I tend to use this Lemon and cashew rice. Lemon, cashews and a few spices dress up ordinary rice to make this...

Sticky Pear Gingerbread Cake

Sticky Pear Gingerbread Cake

Gingerbread is one of my favourite flavours, dark molasses paired with warm spices. This cake adds poached pears to make it a real showstopper for Christmas or any other occasion. The recipe is easy...


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