Raspberry and Rose Water Mousse is a bit out of season for Valentine’s Day, but not if you have raspberries in the freezer from the glorious summer we had last year! The combination of tart raspberries and fragrant rose water first came to me while I was living in Northern California as co-owner and sous chef at an award winning vegan restaurant called Sparks. Although Sparks did not last the test of time, this recipe has. I make it every summer with fresh raspberries from the garden and rely on frozen on dismal February days like today. The rose water adds a hint of fragrance that does not over power, but compliments the tart raspberries. Rose water can be found in ethnic markets, along with orange blossom water, it is highly underused.

Silken tofu is the base for this mousse, creating a smooth and creamy base for the berries. By using silken tofu, this recipe comes together very quickly, is vegan and very heart friendly – perfect for Valentine’s! Agave nectar is a readily available alternative sweetener and is great for keeping sweets sugar free, but icing sugar works just as well.

Don’t be fooled by this mousse it is vegan and sugar free, but full of flavour and lip smacking goodness! Share the love this week with Raspberry and Rose Water Mousse.


Serves 4

250g raspberries, fresh or frozen, thaw if frozen
75g-100g agave nectar or icing sugar
1 package Mori Nu firm style silken tofu
1 tsp rosewater (more if needed)

Chocolate for grating

Reserve about a dozen raspberries for garnish. Place raspberries and agave nectar in beaker and blend using hand blender or in a food processor. Using a sieve and a rubber spatula, press berry mash through to remove seeds.

Combine berry mash, silken tofu and rosewater using hand blender or in a food processor. Taste and adjust for sweetness. Spoon mousse into four small glasses and decorate with fresh berries and grated chocolate.

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