Imagine hillsides full of wild thyme, local honey and fresh summer plums. This pudding is a gorgeous blend of fragrant herbs, tart plums and sweet syrup. It’s simple to make, but will impress at any dinner party or get together.

For a vegan version substitute the butter with vegan margarine or coconut oil, use coconut yoghurt instead of dairy yoghurt, and replace the honey with agave syrup. 

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Serves 6
50g brown sugar
50g honey
50g butter
25g fresh thyme sprigs, reserve some to garnish; the flowers make a lovely garnish too
4 cardamom pods, smashed
800g ripe but firm medium-large plums, halved and stone removed
Greek yoghurt

Preheat the oven to 200°C / Gas Mark 6.

Combine the brown sugar, honey, butter, thyme and cardamom in a bowl and stir well. 

Pour onto a baking tray and turn all the plums so they are cut side down. Place in the oven and and bake for 5 minutes. 

Remove the tray from oven and flip the plums over so the cut side is up. Baste the plums with the sauce. Return the tray to the oven and bake for another 5 minutes, smaller or very ripe plums may require less time. If the sauce is very thin, it can be reduced in a saucepan to reach desired consistency.  

Serve the plums with remaining syrup, Greek yoghurt and garnish with the additional thyme sprigs or flowers. 

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